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Customer Satisfaction Matters To Us The Most

MarketKing team puts in all the efforts to make your marketing extremely interesting, engaging, and simpler.

Whether it’s an onine business or a small physical shop, our goal is to keep things simple, better, and efficient while investing the least rates and time.

Whether you’re starting or building your brand, we have deals for everyone to make your final marketing strategy worth investing in.

All you have to do is share all the details of your business and sit back so we can create a custom-tailored plan for your business’s special needs.

Monthly Marketing Plan

For a monthly day-to-day marketing strategy you can reach out to our marketing experts to check the possibilities.

We offer this service to all our clients over the globe and got a lot of positive feedback about it.

132+ Satisfied Customers

“Despite the short time frame, the Plan we received was exactly what I was looking forward to. They were responsive, professional, and extremely creative, as I can see in my results. From the SEO to the strategies, everything was on the mark, so I didn’t have to fuss anymore. This is the best marketing agency I’ve used and will continue to do for many more projects. Keep it up.”

Janet Renolds

“Thanks to the person who recommended Market King to get top-notch quality marketing solutions at an affordable price. These guys have a pool of out-of-the-box ideas for marketing strategies that stand out. Not only this, but they were also responsive and fast to do the revisions as asked, and I had a ready-to-use marketing calendar the next week”

Sara Blankenship

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our frequently asked questions to answer your own

Do you also provide your services to physical businesses?

We do and we love these projects! We put all our love and devotion in all our projects but it’s just something extra when the clients have a ‘HQ’.

Can I order a monthly subscription on the calendar?

Yes ofcourse! We deliver quality marketing calendars to the clients that need them for a reasonable price. Please contact our experts for more information using the contact form on the home page.

Do you provide revisions?

We so strive to get our plans correct in one tr, but experience tells us that that is near to impossible, so we do provide after sales support and apply revisions till the client is satisfied.

Why don’t I just create my own?

However the difficulty, it is possible and if you have knowledge to do so I would advise you to try it for a month. If you are satisfied that’s good, but we would love to take the stress and troubles and do it for you! If you don’t know anything about marketing you should not try it because it could create a bad name!

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